If I Were A Republican Strategist

I would write the phrase “Quid, Pro, Joe” all over the walls because you have to know they’ll be coming for him next. Ironically, in doing so, it would be a domestic body, Congress, investigating a political opponent for Trump—I guess it’s not bad if we do it? Burisma. Hunter Biden. Nepotism. You should not get paid $80,000 a month for merely sitting on the Board of Directors. You should not call for the firing of a special prosecutor. Why didn’t Obama do anything about that? Justice for Anita Hill! Creepy Uncle Joe!
I would stress the point that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going to raise your taxes, but Trump cut them and wants to cut them again. I would emphasize the economy’s strength because we play nice with big business. We don’t want to punish them, but Bernie and Warren do. America’s economy is number one in the world. We’re going to lower the deficit next, not grow it through government-mandated healthcare.
I would point out that if Vladimir Putin truly wanted Trump elected in 2016 because he thought that the country would suffer, then that wish backfired. How? The economic growth that Democrats predicted would disappear under a Trump presidency hasn’t happened. In fact, the exact opposite has happened. If Russia wants to become involved in the mess that is the Middle East, fine, let them. America is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. We don’t need to be embroiled there anymore.
I would focus my criticisms on the environmental regulations that Democrats want to enact and the negative effect they’ll have on business. Your taxes will go up. Fighting climate change cannot be done for as long as China, India, and Brazil continue to pollute, so why should we hamstring ourselves. Our economy has never been better. We’ll make the transition when we need to, there’s no need to make ourselves suffer. We’re forecasted to experience positive economic growth. The economy!
I would brag that we succeeded in securing important concessions from China. The ban on Huawei, the multiple tariffs placed on the country—these measures have contributed to a projected negative economic growth for the country and we have finally protected our intellectual property. The Democrats want to meddle and demand human rights changes in the country or this and that—it’s not our business! Trump is president of America, not president of the world.
I would stress that this president, from the very beginning, has weathered the Do-Nothing Democrats, the Fake News, the liberal Hollywood elite, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment proceedings, Michael Avenatti, Iran and North Korea. Stormy Daniels got nowhere; E. Jean Carroll got nowhere. Michael Steele disappeared. The pee tape never materialized. Michael Cohen achieved nothing with his testimony. We don’t care what Mr. Bolton has to say. Marie Yovanovitch retired. The travel ban was upheld. The travel ban has been expanded. The wall is up!
I would remind the world that our alliance with Israel has never been stronger. Our decision to tread our own path has been so successful that Great Britain has decided to vote for Brexit for a second time. They finally join us in taking control of their economic destiny by disentangling themselves from the job-killing regulations that have come to define the European Union. We have succeeded in getting European countries to pay more for their defense. Russia is not our concern. We killed al-Baghdadi and Soleimani—does anybody else want to oppose us?
I would rhetorically ask why the world didn’t go to hell when we got out of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear Agreement. Isn’t that what was supposed to happen, Democrats? Instead of playing nice with them, we put more tariffs on the country to bring them in line with what we really want: no nuclear weapons. Not a delay—none. We have economically crippled their country. Is Russia any stronger now than it was before Trump took office? No. Was there any major consequence to us from getting out of the deal? No. We said we’d renegotiate, but this time, it’ll be a deal where Iran has zero chance of developing nuclear weapons.
I would highlight the renegotiated NAFTA deal, now known as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. You don’t need to know what’s in it. You just need to know that Trump said he would renegotiate NAFTA, and he did. He made a new deal and it’s better. What’s more important is he said he would do it and he has.
I would say, you would be crazy to vote against your own interests. You would be crazy to vote against the positive economic growth this country has experienced. You would be crazy to vote against the positive economic growth this country is forecasted to experience. You would be crazy to vote for a Democrat that cares more about the rest of the world than they do about you. You would be crazy to hurt yourselves economically to tackle a problem that we cannot fix by ourselves. You would be crazy to vote for higher taxes. You would be crazy to vote for forced healthcare. You would be crazy to stop the pipelines and the fracking operations that have led to consistently low gas prices, and that have allowed us an unprecedented amount of energy independence. You would be crazy to vote against Space Force.
I would say, you may have been crazy to vote for Trump before, but you would be crazy not to vote for him now.

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